Kim Scholze


Kim Scholze believes in the power of the many. In her personal and professional life, there are few things closer to her than collaboration and unity for change. Now being responsible for business development and communication at Sympatex she stands for partnerships, accelerating to learn from each other. Kim Scholze is closely connected to the sports and outdoor industry: she has strategically developed and shaped brands and platforms over 25 years. The close connection to industries has led, among other things, to Scholze developing her own podcast format (Spuzziness) With her work, Scholze puts the topic of sustainability on the agenda of various platforms, including the global platform ISPO. Her goal is to enlarge the reach of valuable and educational content: will be the learning and exchange platform for sustainable information.

Maximilian Reimers


Maximilian Reimers stands impressively strong for his goals in attitude, view and action. He conveys the identity of his generation through clarity and ambition. Max graduated from high school in Rendsburg in 2017. Since then he has become politically active. Max is responsible for cooperation and strategies: as a campaigner, he has already designed numerous events, forged alliances, and worked with various committees. 


Strategic Executive Leader

As a strategic executive leader, Markus Hupach has been creating value in the sports and outdoor industry for more than 25 years. He stands for moving away from traditional thinking in favour of agile experimentation, building on experience and maintaining a sense of integrity within the company. After 20 years at ASICS, including the role of VP Commercial EMEA and two years managing the purchasing association SPORT2000 Europe, he knows what it means to succeed with financial and qualitative KPIs, even when the context is inevitably ambiguous. The graduate engineer currently advises various clients on brand strategy, market development, servant leadership and coaches managers for agile business management, among other things. As a strategist, mentor and innovator, Markus stands for the development of a sustainable vision and the formulation of successful strategies crucial to survive fluctuations in a volatile, ever-changing business environment.

Dr. Rüdiger Fox

CEO Sympatex

Dr. Ruediger Fox is a given activist. He stands for transparency, openness and agility in mindset. Serving in various roles as CEO and Crisis Manager of medium and large corporations in Aerospace, Telecom, Textile and Engineering/Innovation he now, being CEO of Sympatex since 2016 he focuses on transforming challenges of the textile industry in the force for good. Having a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, a Bachelor in Economics and a PhD in Communication Sciences, he serves as University Lecturer, Author, Change Leader and Consulting Partner for M&A and Transformation processes. Within this reach, he provides a wide range for mindset pioneering and the accelerating transformation processes to “closing the loop”. In 2020, Dr. Ruediger Fox was awarded the Planetary Consciousness Award by the Club of Budapest.