Re>Closing the loop.

What is it about?

In December, the world’s first Sympathy Lab will take place – the start of a webinar series that we will organise regularly in cooperation with various partners for 2022. Together we will initiate, work and learn how Re>Closing the loop. Together. can work for the entire outdoor and textile industry.

Re>Closing the loop. Together. formulates our ultimate goal: To have a common and holistic view of our world and thereby make the best possible use of our sphere of influence. 

We are currently the only ingredient brand to have products in our portfolio that are made from 100% recycled textiles. Circularity is already possible at Sympatex – also thanks to the right sustainable partnerships. In 2022, thanks in part to our innovative R&D team, we are expanding this part of our so-called “Fibre2Fibre” range. So that in the future we won’t have to use any Virgin Polyester at all. And thanks in particular to the cooperation of various project teams, Sympatex will be using 100% raw materials from a closed textile cycle by 2030.  

Kim Scholze 

Chief Sustainable Community Manager

Photo: Sandra Steh